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Ann Hawksworth 1737

Ann Hawksworth of Markly, Warbleton, Sussex, Widow

Will proved 23 May 1737

People mentioned in the Will.

Kinsman John Hay Esquire

Kinswomen Sarah Wilkin

Kinswoman Mrs Elizabeth Munn the wife of Mr Munn of Bodyham (Bodiam), Sussex, Clerk

Goddaughter Ann daughter of  Mr Christopher Worger and now wife of [blank] T????is of Ashford, Kent

Goddaughter Anne Williamson

Robert Spiller son of Edward Spiller late of Battle, Sussex, gentleman.

William Wilmhurst of Warbleton

Servant James Road

Servant Elizabeth Chapman

Tenement in the occupation of Thomas Capson

Late the lands of Edward Hounsley, gentleman

Kinsman and Executor Edward Hawes son of my kinsman John Hawes of Berwick, Clerk

Manor and Lands in occupation of William Wyborn

Kinswoman Mrs Anne Parke daughter of Thomas Jenkin Esq. late of Burwash now wife of [blank] Parke of Chichester, Sussex, Clerk

Marshlands in occupation of Samuel Roades

Kinsman James Jenkin son of William Jenkin of Herstmonceux, Clerk

Kinswoman Anne Berkley daughter of Mr Maurice? Berkley Jnr. of Southwark, Chyurgeon

Frances Hawes sister of Edward Hawes

Kinsman Thomas Bowers and Anne his sister now the wife of George Jordan of Burwash, Sussex, Clerk.

Anne Jordan daughter of George and Anne Jordan

Lands in occupation of Edward Watson

Lands in the occupation of John Jubbins (or Dubbins)

Servant maid Martha Newnham

Lands in the occupation of one Spilstead

Servant Samuel Roades

Abraham Cooper

Martha Cooper

Mrs Ann Cooper daughter of Abraham Cooper late of Uckfield now of Warbleton and Martha his wife

Messuage now in the occupation of Henry Walter

Messuage late in the occupation of Mr Joseph Busbridge and now in the occupation of William Swaine

Joseph Stone? Son of Joseph Stone? Late of Warbleton.

Mr John Hawes son of my cousin John Hawes, Clerk, Mrs Elizabeth Hawes his sister.

Mrs Jane Parke daughter of my kinswoman Mrs Anne Parke

Sole Executor Edward Hawes

Witnesses Mary Pleydell, Geo, Hopper Snr. & Geo. Hooper Jnr.

Signed 20 Sep 1732


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