Ann Hodgson 1626

Ann Hodgson of Framfield, Sussex, Maiden 1626


People mentioned in the Will

Brother Goldsmyth Hodson

Brother Nicholas Stone

Sister Stone

Brother Fagge and my sister

Sister Frances Hodson

Uncle Stephen Hodson …his children

Aunt Stemp

Thomas Reames? Of Glind his two children

My brother William Hay his three children

My brother Hay and my sister his wife

My brother William Hay of Framfield whom I make sole executor

Loving cousin Mr. Robert Morley of Glind Esq. and my loving brother John Fagge of ?????? in Kent, Gent ….overseers

Witnesses Samuel Jones & Nicholas Durrant

Dated 20 Oct 1626

Probate 4 Nov 1626 Deanery of South Malling


Ann signed her name Hodgson but it was written as Hodson in the Will


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