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Anna Maria Stone 1838

Anna Maria Stone of Mayfield, Sussex, Widow

Will proved in London 31 Jul 1838

People mentioned in the Will.

Son William Owen Stone

Daughter Maria Anna Stone

Son in Law Donald Barclay

Nephew Henry Verral

Daughter Elizabeth Johnson

Granddaughters Anna Johnson and Isabella Owen Johnson

Daughter Sarah Irving

Daughter Caroline Fry

Daughter Eleanor Barclay

Property in the occupation of Thomas Marchant

Property in the occupation of Mrs Ann Willow? , widow

Robert Fry the husband of the said Caroline Fry

Grandson George Fry

Other children of the said Caroline Fry namely Caroline Winifred Fry, Maria Fry and Edgar Fry

Executor and executrix son William Owen Stone and daughter Maria Anna Stone

Dated 18 Feb 1835

Witnesses Rich.d Eames clerk to Messrs Stone ? Barclay, Wm. Barclay, Hariot ?unnett


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