Dortothy Ledder 1627

Dorothy Ledder of Robertsbridge, Salehurst, Sussex


People mentioned in the Will

Son John Ledder now in Ireland

William Bishoppe of Sedlescombe in the county of Sussex gentleman

John Barely of the towne of Hastinge Susex gentleman

Riched White of Newenden? In the county of Kent, clerke

Sons Nathaniell, Daniell and Richard

Daughters Martha and Mary

? My son John his son named John

Kinsman John Ledder

Son Martin…………my daughter in law his wife……….and unto his three children Sibbill, Daniell & Nathaniell

Cousin Richard White of Barkley?

Son Nathaniell sole executor

Witnesses Richard White, Daniell Ledder, Richard Ledder and William Turpin

Dated 3 Aug 1626

Probate 13 Feb 1627 Archdeaconry of Lewes


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