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George Wattell 1606

George Wattell of the parish of All Saints in the Town and Porte of Hastinge, Sussex, Yeoman

Proved 17 May 1606

People mentioned in the Will.

Wife Marrye Wattell

Son George Wattell

Son Thomas Wattell

Brother Richard Wattell Of the parish of ?obenye in the ??? of Oxney in the county of Kente, Yeoman

Johne ?epnoll my daughter by lawe

Agnes the wife of Stephen Tomlyn of Mylton, Kente my daughter by law

Robert White of Tenterden, Kente

Godson George Hysnge? Son of Joseph Hysinge?

Godaughters Elizabeth Adams and Alice Adams the daughters of Robertw Adams of Fayrlighte, Sussex, Clerke

Father Thomas Martyn

Father Thomas Marten of Watlinge, Sussex my father by lawe

George Gladdise? Of Wittersham in Oxnry in the county of Kente, Yeoman

Brother Roberte Adams of Fayrlighte, Sussex, Clerk

Overseers Roberte Adams and George Gladdise?

Executor son George Wattell

Witnesses Roberte Adams and John Fissenden

Dated 16 Feb 1605


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