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John Fry 1845

John Fry of Skippershill, Mayfield, Sussex, Gentleman

Will proved in London 2 Apr 1845

People mentioned in the will.

Wife Elizabeth Fry

Brother in law James Usherwood

Samuel Hughes of No. 10 Farrars Buildings, Inner Temple, London Barrister at Law.

Daughter Martha Hannah Fry

Brother Robert Fry

Nephew Robert Burgess Fry

Joint Executrix and executors said wife Elizabeth Fry and the said James Usherwood and Samuel Hughes.

John Baldock of Burwash, Sussex, Gentleman

Witnesses Richd. Fry, John Fairway, James Philcox


Sister in Law Mary Barnes Usherwood, Spinster

Signed 21 Dec 1844

Witnesses James Philcox, John ????? (maybe John Baldock)


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