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John Stone 1594

John Stone of Battell, Sussex, Yeoman

Will proved 4 May 1594

People mentioned in the Will.

Wife Elizabeth Stone

Daughter Jane Pope wife of William Pope of Lamberherst, Kent, weaver?

Elizabeth Pope the daughter of my son in law William Pope of Hawkherst, Kent

George Stacye my said wifes son

Francys Stacye

Elizabeth Alfraye daughter of my cousin Thomas Alfraye of Battell, gentleman my goddaughter

Bought of Jeffrey Waters

Broter in law Thomas Delve

Witnesses Thomas Alfraye, Thomas Medhurste and Thomas C??? Snr

Dated 14 Mar 1593


Second part of the Will

Elizabeth Pope the daughter of my said daughter Johane

William Pope the brother of the said Elizabeth Pope

John Pope the other brother of the said Elizabeth Pope

Cousin Drewe Stone one of the sons of my brother Nicholas Stone

Witnesses Thomas Alfraye, Thomas Medhurst and Thomas Croome? Snr

Dated ? Mar 1593


Third part of the Will

John Stace? My wifes son

Mary Harryson my wifes sisters daughter

Witnesses Thomas Medhurst and John Ellys


Probate granted to Elizabeth Pope and William Pope


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