Mary Stone 1810

Mary Stone of Burwash, Sussex, Spinster


People mentioned in the Will

Nieces Susanna Williams, Ann Davey & Mary Stone .Nephews William Stone, John Stone & Peter Stone .sons &

daughters of my late brother Nicholas Stone, deceased

William Owen Stone son of my nephew Richard Owen Stone

Sister in Law Susanna Stone

Maria wife of my nephew Richard Owen Stone

Philadelphia wife of Nicholas Stone

Mary Sophia wife of William Stone

Jemima wife of John Stone

Mary wife of Peter Stone

Richard Owen Stone .his daughter Maria Ann Stone . His daughter Carollina

Eliza Sophia Stone

Nicholas Henry son of my nephew William Stone

Alfred son of my nephew John Stone

Elizabeth daughter of my nephew Peter Stone

Nephews Richard Owen Stone & Nicholas Stone joint executors

Witnesses Isaac Springer & Susannah Clifford

Dated 16 Jun 1807

Probate 12 May 1810 Deanery of South Malling


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