Mary Wood 1637

Mary Wood of Uckfield, Sussex, Widow, 1637


People mentioned in the Will

My two daughters Constance and Ann

My two sisters Elizabeth Snowe wife of James Snowe & Elizabeth Ellys Wife of Andrew Ellis my brother

Thomas my son

My brothers Richard Snatt & Andrew Ellys

My said daughter Constance now wife of Richard Furby

Richard Furby my grandchild son of my said daughter Constance

My well beloved brothers and friends Andrew Ellis of Uckfied, yeoman and Richard Snatt of Hunton? to be my trusted and

faithful executors and overseers

Witnesses Elizabeth Snowe, William Snatt & of me Magnus Byne the writer

Dated 6 May 1636

Probate 2 Dec 1637 Deanery of South Malling


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