Nicholas Stone 1763

Nicholas Stone of Lewes, Sussex, Gentleman


People mentioned in the Will

Nephew Nicholas Stone the youngest son of my late brother William Stone

….in the occupation of John Dolloway

Niece Mary Stone the daughter of my said late brother William Stone

….in the occupation of Richard Bannister

Children of George Ranger of Waldron…..which were born of the body of Martha his wife deceased who was my niece

Niece Mary the wife the wife of Nicholas Martin of Waldron….to her children

Niece Carolina the now wife of John Baker of Buxted

Niece Elizabeth the wife of [Henry crossed out] John Humphrey of Crawley….her children

Niece Catherine the wife of George Tidy of Crawley….her children

Brother Thomas Stone

Servant Mary Roads?

Nephew William Stone eldest son of my brother William Stone deceased

….now in the occupation of Stephen Heavers the younger

Said William Stone sole executor

Late father in law Mr John Holmwood and Mr John Holmwood his son

Witnesses ? Durrant, Hn? Burtenshaw? And Henry Tuppen?

Dated 19 May 1760

Probate 8 Feb 1763 Archdeaconry of Lewes


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