Richard Day 1714

Richard Day of Uckfield, Sussex, Blacksmith


People mentioned in the Will

[property] purchased of Edmund Brissenden of Ashord in Kent

Loving wife Ann

Friends John Hill of Little Horsted, yeoman & Henry Chatfield the younger of Little Horsted, weaver

Son Henry

Daughters Susannah, Sarah, Mary & Elizabeth now the wife of Thomas Berry of Mayfield, clocksmith

Daughter Elizabeth’s several children she had by her former husband John Warkling deceased

Grandson Thomas Day the son of my son Richard Day

Son Richard Day

Wife Anne sole executrix

Friend Henry Colgate of Uckfield, miller, overseer

Witnesses El??? Iver, John Cannon & Fran. Smith

Dated 17 Dec 1709

Probate 15 Sep 1714 Deanery of South Malling


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