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Richard Gainsford 1654

Richard Gainsford the elder of Hartfield, Sussex, Gentleman

Will proved 10 Feb 1654

People mentioned in the Will.

Wife Anne

Grandson Thomas Gainsford

Son in law Mr Stephen Parker and my daughter Elizabeth his wife

Son John

Son Francis

Thomas Houghton of Mayfield, Gentleman

John Forster

Daughter Izabell

Izabell my daughter wife of Edward Elmer

Right honourable Anne Countess Dowager of Pembrooke

Children of my son Thomas Gainsford deceased

Dorothie my daughter

Robert Allen? Gent father of my daughter in law Gainsford

Overseer Thomas Houghton

Executors John and Francis Gainford

Witnesses Thomas Houghton, John Hay and Ric? ??????

Dated 15 Sep 1653


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