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Robert Hodgeson 1598

Robert Hodgeson of Framfield, Sussex

Will proven 26 May 1598

People Mentioned in the Will

Wife Isabell Hodgeson

Son Barnabie Hodgeson (also spelt Barnabye)

Son Thomas Hodgeson

Son Stephen Hodgeson

Daughter Marjery Stympe

Daughter Jane Flytt?

Son in Law William Stympe

Friend William Wheatley, Vicar of Framfield

Bought property off Roberte Welshe, William ?hynttinge, John Levett of La?????? & William Turke.

Occupier of land blank Lenox

Overseers William Stympe & William Wheatley

Executors Barnabie Hodgeson & Thomas Hodgeson

Witness William Wheatley

Signed 15 May159?

Robert Hodgeson was buried in Framfield 12 Feb 1598. Robert married Isabel Russell 25 Oct 1547 in Framfield. Margery Hodgeson married William Stempe 10 Sep 1588 in Framfield.


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