Samuel Spatchurst 1699

Samuel Spatchurst of Warbleton, Sussex, Gent


People mentioned in the Will

Elizabeth my loving wife

Cousin Richard Hay of Little Horsted, Sussex, Esq.

Samuel son of my cousin Stephen Conney of Burwash, the younger

Thomas son of my cousin Thomas Plumer of Ripe who married with my cousin Susan Hay

Wife Elizabeth sole executrix

Two loving friends Thomas Fagge of Glinley in the parish of Westham in the county above sd. Esq. and William Stone of Framfield

in the sd. county Gent to be overseers

Witnesses Chr. Worger, Ew. Hemsley and Samuel Peckham

Dated 27 Sep1698

Probate 1699 Archdeaconry of Lewes


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