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Susana Gouldsmyth 1617

Susana Gouldsmyth of Framfield, Sussex, Widow.

Will proven 30 Jan 1617

People mentioned in the Will

Grandchild Gouldsmyth Hodsone

Susana Hodsone

Isabell Hodsone

Elizabeth Hodsone

Ann Hodsone

Francis Hodsone (Frances grandaughter)

Servant Richard Russell

William Levett

Mary Harrison

Joane Gouldsmyth

Thomas Chamberline

Mary Alte?

Executor Robert Morley esquire

Witnesses James Vine? & Richard Russell

Signed 12 Oct 1616

Susanna Gouldsmyth was buried 2 Dec 1616 in Framfield, Susanna was probably baptized 23 Oct 1552 in Rotherfield, Sussex, the daughter of Richard & Agnes Kente (aKent, Kent). Susanna Married Anthony Gouldsmyth in Rotherfield 18 Nov 1577. Susanna signed her Will with a mark. The Hodsones listed above are all grandchildren of Susanna Gouldsmyth, they are children of Susanna’s daughter Elizabeth and her husband Barnaby Hodgson.



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