Thomas Baldocke 1662

Thomas Baldocke the elder of Wadhurst, Sussex, Yeoman


People mentioned in the Will

Mercy (or Mary) my daughter .her Aunt Woodgate

Richard Sharpe & Constance Sharpe my grandchildren being the daughters of the said Mary

Elizabeth my daughter now the wife of Edward Peckham

Thomas Barr my grandchild

Mary Barr and Mercy Barr my grandchildren

Elizabeth the daughter of Mercy my daughter

The said Thomas Baldocke my son shall bring up Thomas Baldocke the son of the said

 William Baldocke my son ..the said Thomas Baldocke the son of the said William Baldocke my son shall pay unto Ann Baldocke his sister

Thomas the son of William Baldocke my son late deceased


**The top of the second page is damaged, partial names can be seen.


William Baldocke my eldest son deceased

William Baldocke my grandchild son of the said Thomas Baldocke

Thomas Baldock my son whom I do hereby make my sole executor

Witnesses William Baldock, Abraham Twopenny his mark & Ricd. R????

Dated 26 Jan 1660

Probate 29 Jan 1662 Deanery of South Malling


Second part of the Will


. in the occupation of Richard Ockenden

Richard Moore


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