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Thomas Stone 1811

Thomas of  Stone Stonebridge, Framfield, Sussex Esquire

Will proved in London 12 Nov 1811

People mentioned in the Will.

Wife Martha

Eldest Son William Thomas Stone

Youngest son Robert Stone

Two daughters Mary now the wife of Thomas Stone and Naamah Stone (also spelt Naamiah)

Land in the occupation of Harry or Henry Skinner

Nephew Edward Allfrey of Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square, Middlesex, Esquire

Good friends William Baker of Witherenden in the parish of Ticehurst, Sussex, Gentleman and Henry Noakes of Ticehurst aforesaid, Gentleman

Property purchased of George Cornwall

Property in the occupation of James M????

Property in the occupation of Mrs. Mason

? Widow Baker

Executrix wife Martha

Executors Edward Allfrey Esq, William Baker and Henry Noakes

Dated 26 Apr 1810

Witnesses Rd. On. Stone attorney, Mayfield, Sussex, W. Owen Stone clerk to Mr Stone attorney Mayfield and John ???? servant to Mr Stone of Stonebridge


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