Walter Gale 1773

Walter Gale of Mayfield, Sussex, Preceptor


People mentioned in the Will

Sister Beth [deceased]

Mr Johnathon Harmer of Heathfield

Uncle in law Francis Hunt and his wife Theodosia of or late of the parish of Shoreham

James Titheridge of New Alresford in the county of Hants

Mr John Wood the Younger

Stephen Parker, Sexton and to his wife Elizabeth

[property] purchased of William Playsted of Wadhurst

Godson Richard Owen Stone son of my nephew William Stone

Niece Mary Stone

Godson John Elliss son of Samuel Elliss

Godson Stephen Starnes son of Edward Starnes, carpenter both of or late of the parish of Laughton

Godson Richard Owen Stone son of the said William Stone of Framfield

Goddaughter Susannah Stone daughter of Nicholas Stone of Uckfield

Brother Mr Zebulon Newington

Nephews William and Nicholas Stone, Joseph and Zebulon Newington

Nephews William Stone and Zebulon Newington joint executors

Witnesses Richard Summers, John Message and George Thompson

Dated 12 Mar 1767

Probate 8 Apr 1773 Deanery of South Malling


In the Probate

“William Stone the other executor herein named having departed this life during the life time of the testator”


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