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Walter Hawes 1648

Walter Hawes of Salehurst, Sussex, Gentleman

Will Proved 12 Jan 1648

People mentioned in the Will.

Wife Rebecca

Brother Thomas Hawes

Brother William Hawes

Brother James Hawes

Sister Anne Dappe

Children of sister Anne Dappe (not named)

Edmund Hawes the eldest son of my brother William Hawes

William Hawes younger son of my brother William Hawes

Constance Hawes eldest daughter of my brother William Hawes

Ellin Hawes

Land I bought of John Harrison

Mathew? Harrison

Elizabeth Levette?

Goods delivered to the children of John Levette? and Frederick Couchmans children according to Elizabeth Levettes? Will

Cousin C??hs

Overseer brother Thomas Hawes

Executor brother William Hawes


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