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William Owen Stone 1840

William Owen Stone of Mayfield, Sussex, Gentleman

Will proved in London 4 Nov 1840

People mentioned in the Will

Friend John Fry of Skippers Hill in the parish of Mayfield, Gentleman

Nieces and nephews Anna Maria Johnson, Isabella Owen Johnson, Caroline Winifred Fry, Maria Fry, George Fry and Edgar Fry

Sister Maria Anna Stone

Property in occupation of James Bo??es

Anna Maria the natural daughter of Philadelphia Winborn of Bexhill, Sussex

Said Anna Maria Winborn

Property in occupation of ???? Bridger

Friends George Grantham of Lewes, Sussex, Gentleman and Stephen Lowdell of Lewes, Sussex, Gentleman

Four sisters Sarah the wife of William Ogle Bell Irving, Elizabeth the wife of Henry Leeves Johnson, Caroline the wife of the wife of Robert Fry and Eleanor the wife of Donald Barclay

Joint executors George Grantham and Stephen Lowdell

Dated 17 Dec 1838

Witnesses William Kemp, Mayfield, Shoemaker and Benj. Buss Solr., Mayfield


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