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William Stone 1666

William Stone of Framfield, Sussex, Gent

Will proved 12 Apr 1666

People mentioned in the Will.

Wife Mary Stone

Eldest son William Stone

Second son Nicholas Stone

Youngest son Thomas Stone

Isabell my daughter now the wife of Thomas Hammond, Clerk

Isabell my mother now the wife of James Hawes, Gent

Kinsman John Hay

Brother in law John Smyth (also spelt Smith)

Friend William Durrant

Messuage in the tenure or occupation of John Greene

Messuage in the tenure or occupation of Ellenor Rose, widow

Land in the tenure of John Sesley (or Sisley)

John Everfield

John Bridgeland

Thomas Homlewood

Overseers Mr John Hay & William Durrant

Executrix wife Mary Stone

Witnesses Edward Shoebridge, themark of Henry Meadhurst and the mark of Henry Freeman

Signed 1665


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