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Carolina Baker of Buxted, Sussex, Widow, 1789

William Baldocke the elder of Wadhurst Sussex, Yeoman 1624

Thomas Baldocke the elder of Wadhurst, Sussex, Yeoman, 1662

Elizabeth Baldock of Wadhurst, Sussex, Widdow, 1678

John Baldock of Wadhurst, Sussex, Husbandman, 1678

Edward Baldock of Rotherfield, Sussex, Yeoman, 1722

Edward Baldock of Wadhurst, Sussex, Taylor, 1724

John Baldock of Wadhurst, Sussex, Yeoman, 1731

Daniel Baldock of Wadhurst, Sussex, Husbandman, 1731

Thomas Baldock of Huggetts Furnace, Mayfield, Sussex, Yeoman, 1773

Thomas Baldock of Burwash, Sussex. 1802

Edward Holmes Baldock of No. 5 Hyde Park Place, Cumberland Gate, Middlesex, 1846

Thomas Browning of Hailsham 1655

Thomas Browning of Hailsham, Sussex, Yeoman 1703

Stephen Byne of Burwash, Sussex, Yeoman, 1664

Stephen Byne of Burwash, Sussex, Yeoman, 1691

John Byne of the City of Chichester, Sussex, Felmonger, 1761

Richard Day of Uckfield, Sussex, Blacksmith, 1714

Thomas Everest the elder of Framfield, Sussex, Yeoman 1717

Sir John Fagge of Wiston, Sussex, 1701

Robert Fry of Rotherfield, Sussex, Esquire, 1814

Will of John Fry of Skippershill, Mayfield, Sussex, 1845

Richard Gainsford of Hartfield, Sussex. 1654

Walter Gale of Mayfield, Sussex, Preceptor, 1773

Susana Gouldsmyth of Framfield 1617

John Gouldsmith the elder of Rotherfield, Sussex, 1596

Anthony Gouldsmithe of Framfield 1611

Thomas Hammond of St. Michael, Lewes, Sussex. 1721

Isabel Hammon of Lewes, Sussex, Widow, 1724

Thomas Hammond of The Cliffe Near Lewes, Sussex, Currier, 1784

Ann Hammond of Waldron, Sussex, Widow, 1786

John Hawes of Robertsbridge, Sussex. 1576

Edmund Hawes of Robertsbridge. 1609

Walter Hawes of Salehurst, Sussex. 1648

Willi Hawes of Salehurst, Sussex. 1662

Robert Hawes of Cranbrook, Kent. 1667

Anne Hawes of Udimer, Sussex. 1661

John Hawes of Berwick, Sussex. 1743

Edward Hawes of Warbleton, Sussex. 1769

William Hawes of Berwick, Sussex, Clerk, 1784

Robert Hawes of Warbleton, Sussex. 1818

Ann Hawksworth of Warbleton, Sussex. 1737

John Haye of Herstmonceux, Sussex. 1611

William Hay of Little Horsted 1665

Thomas Hay of Little Horsted, Sussex, Gent, 1677

John Hay of Little Horsted, Sussex. 1690

Robert Hodgeson of Framfield, Sussex. 1598

Barnaby Hodgson of Framfield, Sussex. 1616

Ann Hodgson of Framfield, Sussex, Maiden, 1626

John Holman of Northiam, Sussex, 1593

John Horsmonden of Goudhurst, Kent. 1671

Diana Hosier, Widow. 1742

Elizabeth Jenninges of Hailsham, Sussex, Spinster, 1650

Richard Leader of Robertsbridge, 1595

Richard Ledder of Salehurst, Sussex, 1614

Dorothy Ledder of Robertsbridge, Salehurst, Sussex, Widow, 1627

Martin Ledder Citizen and Draper of London, 1638

Richard Leader of Robertsbridge, Salehurst, Sussex. 1656

Elizabeth Leader of Robersbridge, Salehurst, Sussex. 1675

Will of John Levet of Sedlescombe, Sussex. 1624

Richard Middleton of Horsham, Sussex. 1607

Bennett Middleton of Sedlescombe, Sussex, 1607

Joan Moore of Robertsbridge, Salehurst, Sussex, Widdow, 1663

John Moore of Wartling, Sussex. 1669

William Moore of Sedlescombe, Sussex, Gent, 1677

Will of William Morley of Glynde, Sussex. 1598

Elizabeth Paige of Mayfield, Sussex, Widow 1817

John Peckham of Framfield, Sussex, 1676

Thomas Russell of Framfield, Sussex, Yeoman, 1624

Edward Russell of Framfield, Sussex. 1653

John Russell of Uckfield, Sussex. 1690

Samuel Spatchurst of Warbleton, Sussex, Gent, 1699

John Stone of Battle, Sussex. 1594

Thomas Stone of Isfield, Sussex. 1606

Nicholas Stone of Framfield, Sussex. 1639

William Stone of Framfield, Sussex. 1666

William Stone of Framfield, Sussex, Gentleman, 1718

Thomas Stone of Framfield, Sussex, Physician, 1722

Nicholas Stone of Lewes, Sussex. 1728

William Stone of Framfield, Sussex, Gentleman, 1744

William Stone of Stonebridge, Framfield, Sussex, Gentleman, 1757

Nicholas Stone of Lewes, Sussex, Gentleman, 1763

Mary Stone of Lewes, Sussex. 1774

Mary Stone of Burwash, Sussex, Spinster, 1810

Thomas Stone of Stonebridge, Framfield, Sussex, Esquire, 1811

Elizabeth Stone wife of Robert Stone of Charlwood, Surrey, 1817

Robert Stone of Seaford, Sussex, but now of Charlwood, Surrey, Gentleman, 1823

David Stone of Framfield, Sussex, Gentleman, 1824

Richard Owen Stone Of Mayfield, Sussex, Gentleman, 1824

Martha Stone of Framfield, Sussex, Widow, 1833

Anna Maria Stone of Mayfield, Sussex, Widow 1838

William Owen Stone of Mayfield, Sussex, Gentleman 1840

John Stone the younger ofNo. 5 Torrington Square, Middlesex, and Lincolns Inn, Barrister At Law 1846

Nicholas Stone of Mayfield, Sussex, Surgeon, 1855

George Wattell of All Saints, Hastings, Sussex. 1606

Mary Wood of Uckfield, Sussex, Widow, 1637

Anne Wood of Uckfield, Widow, 1678



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